Testosterone (also known as hormonal imbalance) levels in men, if not
corrected quickly, can cause a lot of health problems. Prolactin,
Testosterone and Estrogen are some of the important hormones in the body
of a man and typically, hormonal imbalance occurs when men experience
low Testosterone levels. The good news is that hormonal imbalance
symptoms are easy to identify. Symptoms tend to persist over a period of
time and it is not necessary that every man will have the same

Here is a list of the most common hormonal imbalance symptoms in men.

Low Libido
Prolactin and Testosterone are two of the most important male hormones
and a man must have a balance between the two. A man loses the desire
for sexual intercourse when the Testosterone levels go down, compared to
the Prolactin levels. According to Merck Manuals Medical Library, high
levels of Prolactin are the main cause of low libido in men.

Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction is a condition when a man is unable to maintain an
erection during the entire course of a sexual intercourse. High levels
of Prolactin and low levels of Testosterone, again, are responsible for
this condition. Hormonal imbalance in the thyroid can also be an
important reason for the problem.

Enlarged Breasts
This sounds surprising but a number of men can exhibit this symptom.
Estrogen is one of the many hormones in men and it is known to control
female characteristics. A man can have enlarged breasts if the Estrogen
levels rise and the Testosterone levels fall in the body.

Infertility occurs when a man, despite having unprotected sexual
intercourse for over a year, is unable to have children. Male hormones
can play a role in infertility by producing inadequate and low-quality

Production of Breast Milk
Men can experience this unusual condition when the testosterone levels
tend to go down and Prolactin levels tend to go up in the body.

Obviously, imbalance in male hormones can be corrected by maintaining
the right Testosterone levels. Though changes in dietary habits and
lifestyle can help, medical intervention is essential to address the
problem of imbalance in male hormones.